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EM Mikroferm

EM Mikroferm

240 kr
Kultur för en aktiv och levande jord.
2 liter bag-in-box bruksklar produkt baserad på aktiverat EM-1®, Effektiva Mikroorganismer.
Artnr: 310-101


EM Mikroferm för bättre miljö

Mikroferm gör marken fruktsammare genom att stärka den gynnsamma mikrofloran. Den är en bruksklar produkt baserad på aktiverat EM, Effektiva Mikroorganismer.

Det ger ett verksamt skydd för växter och gör marken fruktsammare genom att stärka den gynnsamma mikrofloran varvid sjukdomsalstrare blir utkonkurerade.

Mikroferm används i odling och vattenrening, vid odörbekämpning och rengöring.


  •  Stärkande och produktionshöjande medel för bevattning i trädgården
  •  Produktion och plantering av plantor 
  •  Kompostaktivering 
  •  Lokalvård inomhus -- rengöringsmedel
  •  Odörbekämpning mm

Dosering: 1-2 liter Mikroferm per 100m2 per år i köksträdgård och gräsmattor.
Spädas med vatten 1:100 och vattnas, sprutas eller sprayas ut 1-2 gånger varannan vecka. Blandningen bör användas inom ett dygn.
Kan även sprayas på pågående skörd av frukter, bär och grönsaker.
Kulturen kan med fördel kombineras med flytande ekologisk gödsel.

Dosering: 1 liter Mikroferm per m3 (1000 liter) organisk materiel för kompostering.
Späds innan blandning. Täck gärna över komposten.

Luktfri nässelvatten (gödning)
Dosering: 5 dl Mikroferm och 5 dl melass i en 10-liter lufttätt hink med nässlor och ljummen (ej varmt) vatten.
Låt står 10-14 dagar under lock. Späds 1:20 innan användning i odlingen. Mer info här.

Dosering: 1 liter Mikroferm per 10 m3 per månad. I mindre dammar använd upp till 1 liter per m3.
Späds 1:10 med dammvatten och sprayas ut. Repeteras efter behov.
Starta gärna på våren när vattnet når 5 grader.
Skadar inte fisk. Även växterna kan sprayas. Kan ta några veckor innan resultat syns.

Rengöring och odörbekämpning
Dosering: 1 liter Mikroferm per 10-100 liter vatten för rengöring och odörbekämpning. Sprayas ut. Ev smuts tvättas bort.

Levereras som 2 liter bag-in-box


Mer information

Additional product information provided by Effective Microorganisms UK:

The use of EM-1 solutions in the garden means that artificial fertilizers and pesticides are no longer necessary.
The EM solutions ensure bigger & better crops, healthier plants and flowers and are ultimately cost effective.

The concept of EM-1 can be used for sowing and growing vegetables and herbs without the use of chemicals. Various products can be used, either separately or together in order to produce healthy vegetables. These products can be added to the surface soil or spread around the vegetables.
One of our customers, Mr Newton of Coventry told us:-
" I've been trying EM's in my garden for the last few years now and last year my peas were 5ft high and my beans were 10ft high - I had to use step ladders to pick them! This year I'm going to use EM's all over my allotment."

Choose the most suitable solution or combination:

10 Kg Clay minerals / year /100 m sq
10 Kg Sea shell lime / year /100 m sq
50Kg Bokashi /year /100 m sq
40 litres Best garden manure /year /100 m sq
0.5 Kg EM ceramic powder (Cera-C), gently raked into surface /year /100 m sq

Dilute EM-1 1:100 parts water* and water and spray in one or more goes per growth season to the plants and/or soil. * Use only rainwater or tap water that has been allowed to stand for 24 hrs to allow the chlorine evaporate.

EM-1 can be sprayed on soil as a pre-planting treatment, used to inoculate seeds or transplants, and applied to growing crops as a spray. After crops are harvested, EM is used to help break down crop residues.
EM-1 can be applied to cover crops and green manures during growth and upon incorporation into the soil.


Between two and three weeks before planting, apply a 1:100 dilution of EM-1 to the soil as a spray. Remove weeds that emerge after 10-14 days.

Apply 1 Litre Activated EM (EM-1) once per 1,000 sq. metres treated.

Seed Treatment:

Gardeners may want to try soaking seeds in a solution of Activated EM (EM-1) before planting to increase seed viability.
Dilute Activated EM (EM-1) with water at a ratio of 1:1,000.
Soak seeds in solution for 5-10 minutes only and then air dry and plant as usual.
Experiment with small batches before treating larger quantities. Weak seeds and soil conditions may lead to decreased results.

Nursery / Container-grown Plants:

Inoculate with EM at seeding and transplant stages, then on a monthly basis thereafter.
Use a standard dilution of 1:100. Orchid growers have achieved good results by inoculating with EM immediately after planting in sterile media.

Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs:

Spray the standard dilution of 1:100 onto the plants.
Apply as a pre-planting treatment, again at planting/transplanting and every three to four weeks during crop growth.

Post Harvest:

Apply also to crop residues after harvest, just before incorporating residues into the soil. Use 1-litre of EM-1 per 1,000 sq. metre, diluted with the appropriate amount of water for each application.

Orchard Crops:

For crops such as apples and pears, apply EM immediately after fall harvest, along with other amendments. Spray plants and soil thoroughly, applying 1-litre of EM-1 per 1,000 sq. metre at a dilution ration of 1:100 or 1:1,000.
Repeat this treatment weekly until the first snow or hard frost and cease application until spring. Resume application after the last spring fronds emerge and continue until the fruit is fully formed.
Stop applying EM before ripening begins.

Lawn Maintenance:

Using EM in the garden and for lawn planting or maintenance eliminates the need for use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Apply Edasil Minerals, Crushed Seashell Lime, Agri-Mest, Super Cera C EM-X Powder to the lawn area 2-3 weeks before sowing the grass seed and for annual maintenance.
For regular maintenance you can spray the lawn with EM-1 at a dilution of 1:100. It is preferable to spray in wet weather conditions.

Lawn Applications:

10 Kg Clay minerals / year /100 m sq
10 Kg Sea shell lime / year /100 m sq
50Kg Bokashi /year /100 m sq
40 litres Best garden manure /year /100 m sq
1.0 Kg EM ceramic powder. (Cera-C) /year /100 m sq