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EM Microferm (Bokashispray), 2 liter
Flytande preparat som innehåller stärkande naturliga jordmikrober
2 liter koncentrat i ...
219 kr
6 st EM Microferm (Bokashispray) 2 liter
Flytande preparat som innehåller stärkande naturliga jordmikrober
Kartong med 6 st 2 li...
1119 kr
EM-1 Effektiva Mikroorganismer, 1 liter
1 liter flaska original EMRO EM-1® koncentrat.
290 kr
Rörsockermelass, 1 liter
1 liter flaska melass, för tillverkning av eget Bokashiströ och EM Mikroferm.
59 kr
EM Microferm (Bokashispray), 2 liter + lufttät sprayflaska 300 ml
2 liter EM-koncentrat i bag-in-box baserat på EM-1®, Effektiva Mikroorganismer. Kan anv&...
279 kr

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Water purification using EM

Pouring EM・1TM into rivers increases the number of microbes, which form the bottom of ecological pyramid. When the bottom grows larger, the pyramid itself also becomes larger, resulting in richer diversity in the ecosystem. This will improve the self-purification ability of rivers, helping them to become clean and beautiful again.

Effective fermentation bacteria in EM Mudballs will help to decompose sludge

In polluted rivers, accumulated sludge (rotten organic material) is in a state of oxygen deficiency, since there is a little oxygen dissolved in the water. Inside the sludge, harmful fermentation bacteria (putrefactive bacteria) produce harmful gases such as methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide by decomposing organic matter without oxygen. When EM Mudballs (EM aggregates of high density), are added into water in this condition, they become embedded in the surface of the sludge and effective fermentation bacteria contained in Mudballs start to decompose the sludge. At the same time, phototrophic bacteria consume harmful gasses, so foul odors will be contained.

Mudballs can purify water

Around EM mudballs, zoo plankton increases

As fermentation decomposition progresses, amino acids and saccharides are produced. A portion of them dissolves into the water and phytoplankton increases where there is sunlight, making use of this nutrition. Phytoplankton’s activities will increase the oxygen in water, helping oxidative decomposition bacteria, which required oxygen, be more active. As a result, decomposition of sludge is accelerated. Around EM Mudballs, zooplankton will increase, transforming sludge into detritus, organic sediment made of organic matter and microbes, and the sludge will no longer be harmful.

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Mudballs getting popular all over the world

Microbes in EM products make the ecosystem richer

Detritus containing bubbles of carbon dioxide and oxygen etc., which are produced by the activities of microbes, will rise to the surface. Sometimes the rivers look polluted with these floating fragments of detritus. However, this is due to the process of the decomposition of sludge and the purification of the rivers. As detritus breaks down into smaller segments and flows along rivers, creatures which eat it, such as small fish, shrimp, crabs, and shellfish, increase in number. The more fish there are, the more birds will come, leading to greater diversity in the ecosystem. The microbes contained in EM・1 will improve the self-purification ability of rivers by making the ecosystems of which they are a part richer and more vibrant.


Treating a pond with Effective Microorganisms® once per month with activated EM or Mikroferm will keep enough beneficial microbes in the system to keep nutrient levels low enough to improve overall water clarity. Interestingly, EM also has the ability to neutralize salts, such as calcium, and prevent them from crystallizing on surfaces, a great benefit with water fountains using hard water. It will also clean the crystallized salts off the surfaces it comes in contact with.

On average, for a healthy pond or water garden, Mikroferm is applied once per month. The rate is 1 part Mikroferm for every 10,000 parts water. Allow several weeks to a couple months for the EM to work. Some slime (muck) from the bottom will slowly rise to the surface. Leave it and let nature do its thing as it will disappear shortly.

This chart is a quick reference guide to figure how much Mikroferm you may need.

Pond Volume

Amount EM Mikroferm (Monthly)


20 liters


40 liters


200 liters


400 liters

500,000 500 liters


1000 liters

Higher concentrations are only necessary under extreme conditions where sludge and muck are choking out the pond. When the pond resembles a wastewater lagoon more than a pond, apply at the suggested rates every other week until the water clears. Once the water clears, reduce application rates to once per month for maintenance.

Source, Teraganix.com: Effective Microorganisms solutions for pond water


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